About the Artist


Before I was a visual artist, I was a poet. I painted pictures with words in an attempt to impose order on the chaos of life.  I had lofty goals.  I wanted to find and express the “truth” of life—my own life and that of the greater world.  Of course, I soon discovered that there is no “truth of life.”  Life is contradictory, ambiguous, messy, and often unfathomable. Writing was a constant search for an illusive “truth,” for an order that doesn’t exist.  A minimalist who wrote in fragments, I strived to leave room for the reader to write his or her own story in the gaps, silences, and white spaces of my poem. The poet, the reader, and the text collaboratively created the poem.


My art is an attempt at poetry on canvas.  Like my poems, my paintings are abstract, and increasingly, they are minimalist. In art as in writing, I want to leave space for the viewer to collaborate in the story that the painting tells—to merge his or her story with mine, to create a new story.  


Intrigued by transformation and transfixed by the light, color, tone, and mood of the water and sky on Nantucket, I strive to capture the feelings, sense, rhythm, and patterns in texture, color, and movement.


My current project is a series of thirteen large canvases that are inspired by Wallace Stevens’ poem, “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird.”  Using oil, oil pastels, and collage, I explore thirteen ways of looking at the Nantucket landscape through the changing seasons.

Patricia D. Jones of Nantucket, MA

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